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Comments from previous attendees:

"After 30 years of marraige FPU has put my wife and I on the same page financially.  Saturday mornings we make a grocery list and plan our meals.  We also go over what was spent and what expenses are coming up.  We are communicating about finances without arguing.  For us it's about our relationship and not just about money."

"Financial Peace University is a very worthwhile class that couples in any stage of life will benefit taking.  We have learned many common sense basics about the facts of finance that will help us in the future."

"Found the class of good value - however we wish we had taken it years sooner.  Something that will bring couples closer as they form a team to work on finances."

"Financial Peace University has helped me grab a hold of my out of control spending, taught me that I don't need to rob Peter to pay Paul.  We are now paying off our debt and putting money in the bank."

"The program has helped our family tremendously!  It's beyond financial peace - it's peace for your whole life.  I recomend the course for all, no matter what stage or financial position you're in.  And there's candy!"

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